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6-Session Package

6 sessions is the recommended place to start. With this package we:

Uncover your core values and strengths​

Dive into creating greater self-awareness

Hone in on meaningful goals

       Generate tailored stress reduction techniques

      Increase your confidence through exploration of mindset shifts 

       Brainstorm solutions for balancing your health goals with an already full life

   Meet once a week for six weeks

À la carte Session

The à la carte session is a great option to check-in and follow up on goals and ideas. Also a great choice for a brainstorming session, illuminating new possibilities.

3-month Growth & Transformation Package

Are you ready to transform your life? Lasting change arrives with intentional action, over time. With the 3-month package we build upon the 6-session package to:

Create tailored action plans for the target areas in your life for lasting follow-through


Match goals with core values

and build milestones with increasing self-accountability and confidence

Meet once a week for 12 weeks

Check in mid-week (via email or chat) to cover reinforce goals or generate additional support

Gentle Listening Session

We all need to feel heard, cared for, and understood. Sometimes, those closest to us are not in the position to support us when we need to process emotions or issues. 

With the Gentle Listening session, you receive:

An attentive ear with no agenda


A judgement-free zone

A compassionate teammate, who is dedicated to supporting your growth

Please note, all services are provided via video calls at this time.


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