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Willits Health
Holistic Fitness and Wellness Coaching

You only have one vessel to carry you through life. Let's treat it well.


Meet Amelia (she/her)

Not only do I talk the talk, I hobble the hobble!

As a very active person that has recovered from countless injuries, I've learned the importance of caring for the body. As a certified Health and Wellness coach, I've tapped into connecting to the entire person, creating a compassion, strength, and resilience for myself and my clients.

What is Health and Wellness Coaching?

What does it mean to be healthy? Are you simply free from illness? 

For me, health is having the energy and ability to do the things that I like and need to do.

What does health mean to you?

What is wellness? How is it different than health? 

Great question! We're all still trying to pin that down too.

Generally wellness is considered fulfillment, satisfaction with life, positive outlook and functioning.

How do you feel about those aspects in your life?

Putting it all together

Wellness a continuum - there is no right or wrong way to thrive!

 We consider eight areas for total wellness.

How would you rate these areas in your life?









Tropical Leaves

Do you feel like your sparkle is hidden? Have you lost touch with who you really are? Are you stuck in survival mode?

My chief goal in coaching is to help bring out the best in you. As a coach I want to help you rediscover your sparkle!

"All things excellent are as difficult as they are rare"

Legal Disclaimer

I am a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Certified Personal Trainer, not a physician, psychiatrist or medical professional. I’ve been trained to provide guidance, emotional support and encouragement along with therapeutic exercise training. I provide support to clients so that they can reach their personal goals, but I cannot diagnose or treat illnesses. Health and Wellness coaching is not psychotherapy nor is it a substitute for licensed counseling, medical advice or substance abuse treatment. 

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